A Thanksgiving Song “Duco” on Somaliland Sucessfull Elections

Featuring Nimco Yaaciin Caraale and “Qaboojiye”

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Al-Shabaab’s Unavoidable Clash With Somaliland Democracy By Jacob Zenn

By: Jacob Zenn If the suicide bombings in Kampala during the World Cup finals were a sign of al-Shabaab’s plans to fight outside of southern Somalia, then Somaliland’s new ruling party must prepare for more attacks. Al-Shabaab leader Shaykh Ahmad Abdi Godane “Abu Zubayr” has made clear his intention to expand al-Shabaab’s jihad to his native Somaliland. Somaliland’s democratic political system and desire for independence […]

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A Message to Somaliland from British friends via Jeremy Carver (CBE)

We certainly appreciate the moral support of our British friends who know our History well . Somaliland is proud to be a democratic leader in the region, indeed a milestone has been reached with the latest successful June 26 2010 elections.The writing is on the wall : Somaliland shall not beg for recognition but will demand reciprocity from outsiders. Anyone who tries to hinder our […]

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From the Horn of Africa, a Ray of Hope By Chris Albin-Lackey

Chris Albin-Lackey is a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch Ask people what they know about Somalia and most will probably start talking about pirates, terrorists, and Black Hawk Down. Not many would think to mention democracy or free elections as well, but they should. Last month, Somaliland — an impoverished sliver of territory that has maintained de facto independence from Somalia since 1991 — […]

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Breaking News Kulmiye wins Somaliland Elections

Breaking News: Thursday July 01 2001 18 MAY.COM Live From Hargeisa: Gudidii Komishanka oo ku dhawaaqaday natiijadii oo uu ku guulaystay Kulmiye 49% halka UDUB uu helay 33.23% UCID 17.18% Komishanka doorashooyinka qaranka ayaa muddo yar horteed ku dhawaaqay natiijada Doorashada Madaxtooyada Somaliland.Waxaana Hogaaminta dalka ku guulaysatay xisbiga Kulmiye.Hambalyo Silaanyo the new president of Somaliland.

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