Hargeysa Court Sentences Three Men For Misusing Islam

Hargeysa, Somaliland, June 19, 2010 (SL Times) – A court in Somaliland’s capital, Hargeysa, sentenced each of three men to a year in jail, a fine of one million Somaliland shillings and deportation, for spreading false teachings that are damaging to Islam and the country. The three men (Abdiaziz Muhammad Ali, Ayni Muhammad Ali and Hassan Mukhtar) who originally came from Ethiopia, taught children at an Islamic school that it is un-Islamic to eat Somaliland’s meat because the men who slaughter the livestock do not pray.
Two of the men who are brothers (Abdiaziz Muhammad Ali, Ayni Muhammad Ali) were present in court and will be deported after they serve their sentence, whereas the third (Hassan Mukhtar) who is the person who initially came up with these preposterous claims, was not in the country, and was sentenced in absentia.
Somaliland’s government and people are trying very hard to prevent the spread of extremist and distorted ideas in Somaliland society. Despite the continuous pronouncements from the international community about supporting moderate Islam, the international community has extended little tangible assistance to Somaliland’s efforts to establish democracy and keep away religious extremists.
Source Somaliland Times